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Amanda Tartt's Erotic Short Stories

Erotic short stories about embracing life and seizing the opportunities given at any moment ...


Chocolate - Amanda Tartt Champagne DP - Amanda Tartt

I spent a large part of my life travelling and discovering the world. I was born in England, raised in Gothenburg in Sweden, but has the whole globe as my home. I have worked where life has allowed me to stay for a while, long or short. Writing has always been my way of creating and keeping my memories.

Today, I am running an ecological café in London. Among cookies, sandwiches, coffee and tea, I enjoy spending my days with my customers. When the tables sometimes are empty, I pick up my laptop and write down thoughts and ideas that have come to me during the day.

So far, I have published five short stories, and I´m editing my sixth at this very moment. Other than that, I have a new and very exciting project going on; I have started working on my first novel. 


My first two erotic short stories are now available on Amazon. Enjoy.